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Top Paint Colours For Your Home Office in 2021


Having a peaceful, distraction-free workspace at home is key to keeping productive during office hours. The importance of having a designated spot to tell our brain, "Hey- it's time to work," is often overlooked despite its benefits for productivity. Having this space also signals when it's time to clock off – as we all know, it can be pretty hard to stop thinking about work when laptops are left in living spaces!

With working from home becoming the new normal, we understand the struggle to stay motivated at home - and that's why we're sharing some of our home office palettes recommendations to liven up your space and bring needed division into your work-life relationship.

In this article, we'll take you through our top colour palettes, selected for their boosts to mood, focus and productivity.

1.Blue Palettes: Tiffany and Teal

Blue is the colour of calmness, comfort, logic and inspiration. For a contemporary and elegant touch, we suggest tiffany and teal as the statement colour for your office walls. Not only are these hues easy on the eyes, but they help create a professional background for video meetings. This colour duo is an ideal pick for the home office if your hardware is white or on the lighter side. Teal also works great if you are looking to accentuate a certain area or corner, as it plays well with white or earthly toned walls.

2.Green Palettes: Moss Green, Mint and Emerald

While not a colour that works for everyone, green can still create some of the most timeless spaces, working to invoke a sense of the natural and renewal. Using a darker shade in your home office invokes the feel of a library we may have studied in a long time ago, helping us narrow in on our tasks and focus.

While mint and emerald hues add a little zest to the overall space, resulting in your study feeling calming yet invigorating. Another pro to green hues is they work well with any decor, from rustic dark oaks to minimalistic black hardware and future.

That being said, we understand that pulling off a green tone that suits your need isn't an easy job, but it's well worth the effort – especially for a space that is both effortlessly cozy but still feels alive. If you need help deciding on a colour, why not consult with Dulux accredited painters, as they can translate the work environment you desire into the right pallet for your walls.

3.All Shades of Purple

A fabulous home office space is just a coat of paint away. For an area with plenty of natural light, look no further than the purple walls. If incorporated properly as a statement wall, the room instantly becomes just that hint more sophisticated as the colour is known to promote creative thinking.

We'd recommend creating a breakout space using a purple wall for any brain storming and drafting, as it will signal to your brain that it's time to get creative and problem to solve. Different shades of purple include mauve, lavender, indigo violet and grape, so why not swatch a few and see which one excites your creative mind!

4.Yellow Palettes: Golden Yellow, Peach, Saffron Yellow, Dandelion

Okay, so you've probably heard before that looking at the colour yellow can instantly boost your mood, so why not introduce that into your home office space? Warm and energetic, these different shades and hues will see your energy levels rise as you begin your day. Worried about eye strain or that the colour will be too distracting? No worries, try a milder tone like buttercookie, gold or even burnside. For those looking to go bold there's, peach, saffron yellow and dandelion! These palettes of yellow go perfectly with greys, whites and other earthly tones for decore or if you're looking to create an accent wall for the office space.

5.Neutral Colour Tones: Beige, Cream, Ivory, Sand, Taupe

Neutral and earth tones are the perfect mix in making an interior office look spacious yet professional.

If you have a smaller area to work from, we suggest using grey, ivory, cream, white, nude, sand or taupe as they pair well with all decore and are trending colours for most offices. These tones will also complement wall art, boards and any plants you'd like to use to liven up your space.

6.Soft Pastel Colour Palettes

If you're not a huge fan of earth tones or just looking for an office that is a bit different, there are plenty of options to choose from pastel colour palettes. Pastel palettes are becoming massively popular due to their unconventional appearance while remaining understated. Why not give light azure, medium sea green, creamy mint, medium aquamarine, baby pink, light steel pink, whimsy yellow and dusty rose (just to name a few) a go for your office space.

Professional Assistance in Home Office projects

This article has covered some of our favourite picks for palettes to use in your home office. However, still, there are many factors to picking the right colour for your home—this includes temperatures, undertones, lighting balance and even surface considerations.

Without any prior knowledge choosing the best paint for your project may seem like a daunting task, as no one wants to keep working from a room they can't stand the sight of! That's why Dulux accredited painters can work with you to get the job done, meaning you can excel at yours!

If you are residing in Sydney and looking to refurbish your home office, contact Premier Painting Company today for a consult!
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