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5 Amazing Home Décor Ideas for the Budget Conscious Home Owner

When it comes to creating a stylish, comfortable living space, interior painting plays a very important role, right? However it isn’t everything! Decor needs to be innovative and creativity plays a huge role. With many home improvement websites and other resources online, sharing ideas has never been easier.

To help you solve home decoration problem, we have collected 5 different home decorating ideas that you can implement today. We are sure that you will love the idea.Read until the end of the blog because we have a surprise for you at the end!

    1. Curtain Room Divider

    Hanging an interior curtain on a track (i.e. one that isn’t attached to a window) is a stylish way to separate the kitchen and living room, or even in a bedroom while still maintaining that spacious feel. However it’s important you pick out the right kind of curtain. We’d recommend going for something that isn’t too heavy and in a colour that complements the existing décor/painted walls and ceiling.

    2. Use Antique Furniture in the Bathroom

    The contrasting style of modern and need to be combined carefully. Placing an antique cabinet in an otherwise modern furnished bathroom draws attention to it. We would suggest creating further contrast between the rich, brown colour and light coloured walls.

    3. Wallpaper Designs

    This is an area that people are really getting creative and innovative with. There’s just so many options when it comes to wallpaper – you can even paint it on these days!
    Other wallpaper options can work great as a feature wall and focal point, transforming the room and making for an edgy look.

    4. Contrasting Colours as a Theme

    Pick two colours for a room and stick to them throughout. Staying consistent through the paint colour, furniture, rugs, etc. can really make the room work.

    5. Experimenting with Shutters, Curtains

    Brighten up the room by painting your shutters (or even cupboards/drawers in the kitchen) with a striking paint color to contrast with the rest of room.The same can work for curtains.

    Whatever design you choose it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional painting and decorating company. Premier Painting is serving in the painting industry for 20 years now and we know that achieving customer satisfaction is the most important factor of being successful in a business. Because of covering a wide range of service areas in Sydney we have the opportunity to work with different type of people. Our experience teach us that working with customer as a team can bring something new especially when you are trying to renovate your home.

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