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How Frequently Should A Commercial Building Be Painted?

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First impressions can be the most crucial factor when it comes to the reputation of a business. The fresh and attractive appearance of a commercial building can help your company or business leave a positive impact. In case the building has cracks, visible peelings or faded exterior paint, it can create a negative impression, affecting your brand's identity.

Painting your commercial building might just be the perfect solution to avoid such situations. Regular analysis of the outer structure and appearance of a commercial building becomes highly important to decide if it needs a fresh coat of paint. But what are the signs to look out for that help you decide if the building should be painted? How often should you paint your commercial building to ensure it stays in a healthy condition for long?

Let's go through all the answers to these questions in this article.

Commercial Buildings: Frequency of Painting Works

Professionals at Premier Painting, one of Sydney's leading commercial painting companies, highly recommend that a commercial building must be painted every 3-5 years. In case your building is exposed to direct sunlight, the paint can quickly fade away and increase the frequency of painting work required.

It's recommended that the use of high-quality paints should be ensured as it will save you time and money. High-quality paints add durability and enhance the building's appearance as well. Low-quality paints might force you to get the painting done every 2-3 years, causing inconvenience and adding to expenses.

Painting your Commercial Building: Signs to Look Out For

It's not always necessary that your building would require painting exactly after the defined timeline. Few situations and signs can reveal that your building requires painting even before the regular schedule. In that case, you can’t wait for the time interval to pass before opting for painting services. Waiting might lead to more damage to the exterior walls and negatively affect the overall appearance of the building.

Here's a list of signs to look out for that will help you decide if your building needs to be painted right now:

  • Mould growth or mildew: Paints provide an extra coating to protect the building from moisture due to rain. Mould growth on the walls can indicate that the moisture has started affecting the paint coat, and it needs repainting.
  • Visible bubbling in paint: Due to extreme weather or constant exposure to sunlight, the old paint might leave bubbles on the walls. This is also an indication that the building needs urgent paint work.
  • Cracks or paint peeling: If the paint coating has developed cracks or peeling, it means that the paint has started to wear off exposing the walls to harmful weather conditions. It becomes necessary to get a fresh painting job done in such cases.
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