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Making A Mess Of It: Painting A Room In Finer Detail


Sure, if you wanted to paint a room, you could get a brush, a paint can, some drop clothes, organise a plan of attack, and go for it. To be honest, the results would look fairly impressive with just that level of attention-to-detail, and it's definitely not something to turn your nose up at.

If, however, you'd like to make sure the process is as smooth as it could possibly be and avoid any complications that might come up further down the line, then there are some smaller details you might want to consider.

Make Sure Your Walls Are Prepared For The Work

If you go rushing blindly in, your new coat of paint probably won't look as good as it could. Instead, you should repair the surface of your walls to make sure they're ready to receive this fresh layer of paint. Scrape away any old paint that is visibly flaking, and sand all of your painted woodwork to prepare glossy surfaces for a fresh coat of paint. If you know enamel paint has been used anywhere in the room, use a primer-sealer over it to create a paintable layer of material.

Your wall also needs to be an entirely smooth surface, so make sure any chips, cracks, or dents have been patched. That can be a process that's as simple as using some spackling, or you might need to be looking for fiberglass tape at your local hardware store. Either way, your wall isn't really ready for a new coat of paint until all of it's imperfections have been corrected.

Disconnecting At The Source

One of the major advantages to painting a room compared to applying a wallpaper is the longevity of paint. Once it's bonded to a surface, it's unlikely to naturally fall of for decades, and can sometimes even lose its pigment before that happens.

Unfortunately, that means that paint ending up anywhere you don't want it is an exceedingly simple way to make a much bigger mess than anyone would like. You're going to want to remove any fixtures or attachments on your walls, including picture hangers, electrical outlet covers and switches, and wall sconces, if you have any.

Use high-quality painters tape to make sure your painting surface is clearly defined, and make sure that tape is adhered to the wall as best as you can to stop paint seeping in underneath it. So long as you take your time and move about the room carefully, you'll be able to save yourself some heartache later on.

It Might Be Worth Leaving It To The Professionals

While taking your time will make sure your room is left looking fantastic, it might just be simpler to reach out to a professional painting company you know you can trust, such as Premier Painting.

If you’d like to hear more about our painting services in Sydney and how we can help you, call us on 1300 916 291.
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Making A Mess Of It: Painting A Room In Finer Detail

Sure, if you wanted to paint a room, you could get a brush, a paint can, some drop clothes, organise...

Making A Mess Of It: Painting A Room

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