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Reasons You Should Paint Your Home in Spring


House paint colour is the expression of your personality. It's the best way to express your style through colour. As a result, your home will display great visual appeal to your guests while adding value to your home.

Homeowners choose to hire house painting services at any time of the year. But do they know the perfect time to paint their house?

Spring in Australia lasts from September to November. These days are much warmer, with an average of 20°C in September to 20°C in November. The temperatures range from 14°C to 20°C at night. The trees and bushes are not yet fully bloomed in late winter and throughout spring. So your painter has more access, both on the ladder and on the ground, for easy mobility and quality paint on every nook and cranny.

So how exactly does this temperature range contribute to stunning exterior painting outcome? Why is it the perfect time to start thinking about the outdoor projects on your spring "to-do" list?

Here are the top 5 reasons why we think you should take the time to invest in your home exterior and interior painting makeover this spring.

Low Humidity Level

Over time, weather, temperature fluctuation, and naturally occurring seasonal spikes in humidity can wear down your home's paint finish. While exterior paint is designed to withstand these conditions, it will need to be repainted over time to maintain its ability to protect your home from the elements.

Moisture in the form of rain, snow, high humidity and other weather conditions can soften paint and also cause it to swell. Over time, this results in the paint peeling and peeling off the wood. Also, if you paint the house when the humidity is high, it will lead to an uneven surface, resulting in bad results.

Likewise, temperature and humidity changes cause the wood to swell and contract, which can stress the paint and cause it to crack. If you notice any cracks, peeling paint or visible bare wood, it's time to repaint. Due to the low humidity in spring, moisture will not be trapped in the painted surface.

It is a common misconception that wind is suitable for painting. For example, better drying time or gentle breezes to keep you comfortable. However, while it's a good idea, the wind can create a host of problems.

Wind can blow dirt into your new paint job, which can leave your brand new surface dirty, bumpy, and discoloured. Unlike other seasons, spring offers cosy, comfortable weather with lower temperature and wind conditions. In addition, during this time, the paint dries faster, allowing you to complete the painting project on time.

Consistent Weather

Painting outside your house requires regular days where no rain is forecast, so it's best to put your tools down for the winter.

You should not only check the forecast for your painting day(s) but also make sure the weather is clear a few days before and a few days after it ends. For example, if it rains before starting, ensure the exterior surface is completely dry before painting to achieve a top coat finish.

So, in short, it is important to note that paint does not blend well in humidity, rain, snow or other similar weather conditions. When it's too cold outside, it's difficult for the paint to dry properly, affecting colour uniformity. When it's too hot outside, the paint dries too quickly. This can cause bubbles and blistering on the colour, leading to peeling later.

Due to these weather conditions, you may not be able to get a balanced paint solution for the paint. However, mid to late spring is an excellent time to paint the house. It is best to paint the exterior when the temperature is near 10°C with low humidity. Spring has the perfect temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, and it's the best time to perfect your exterior paint job. The days are hotter, drier, and sunnier but not as harsh or extreme as summer. You won't have to worry about unprecedented weather calls interrupting your painting schedule either!

So spring painting is the perfect time to paint your home for the best results.

Perfect Time to Prepare House for Sale

Spring is a popular season for property hunting and house buying. The weather is excellent for a land tour, and sellers don't have to worry about potential buyers dragging winter weather indoors. If you're planning to move out at the end of summer or late spring, revamping your house exterior in the spring could potentially put your home on the market at the beginning of the summer season.

As a seller, summer can also be a good time, as some of your competitors may be on holiday at the beach. So prospective buyers may be encouraged to explore and find homes from potential sellers who are more committed and invested in the property throughout the summer.

Evidence shows that January and February in Australia are very active months for housing searches. So what does it tell you? Well, you can utilise spring to spruce up your house and give it a fresh coat of paints by Dulux accredited residential painters.

And once you paint your house, you increase its value, giving you excellent bargaining power during the sales season. In addition, potential buyers will be willing to pay more if your home looks good. Therefore, adding a new layer of clothing with fresh colours will increase the demand for your home.

Increased Curb Appeal

A first impression goes a long way- especially when it comes to the house you belong to. It will be less attractive when your house looks weathered with old, blotchy paints. Landscaping and other home improvement projects can be very expensive. But nothing makes a home more appealing with a dramatic transformation within a short period of time than a fresh paint job by a professional painting company. It really completes the picture when guests come to your home. So give your home a perfect look by painting the exterior this spring!

A new exterior paint job will prevent further home repairs and improve the overall curb appeal of your home. So turn around with a fresh coat of paint on the outside! Not only that, people are happier to return home to a place they are proud of. And when the beautiful weather of summer arrives, your schedule will be filled with gardening, sports or other activities. So cut off your spring to-do list early and enjoy your summer knowing that your house looks great and is in good condition!

Get a Fresh New Look For Your House This Spring!

As you can see, spring is the best time to paint houses in Sydney. So if you're looking to transform your home with a new paint job this spring, Premier Paint Company is here to help. Our professional house painters have all the equipment, experience and skills to paint year-round, delivering a spectacular finish.

We will work with you every step of the way, from choosing the colour and taking care of the prep work to achieving the final result. Ready to get started? Schedule a free, optional consultation today and give your home a new look for spring!

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