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Best Practices For Repainting The Exterior Of Your Home


It's perfectly reasonable to want the exterior of your home to look amazing, but that doesn't mean it's a particularly simple process. However, at this stage, if you've put in the hard work, your home is ready for you to start applying coats of paint.

Thankfully, that's not a journey you'll have to take alone, because our team can help you understand exactly what to do to achieve a fantastic topcoat.

Your Journey Starts At The Hardware Store

Finally, it's time to consider what sort of paint you'd like to use while painting your home. You'll want to choose a high-quality, or 'premium' brand of paint, as these varieties are generally longer-lasting than other types of paint, as they hold their colour for longer and don't flake off as easily as the cheaper selections.

Your budget is also an important consideration at this stage. To get the most out of any colour of paint, you'll need at least two coats, and while you can get away with a single coat for muted colours, vibrant colours aren't going to look right with anything less than two.

As a result, it's important you can afford to purchase two sets of whatever paint you select, so that you'll be able to put two coats across your home and achieve the best appearance possible.

You Can Probably Forget Everything You Know About Colour Theory Just This Once

When you're selecting a colour for your home, there aren't too many external factors you need to consider. There's no colour that will provide any benefit that any other colour couldn't, though muted colours generally hold their vibrancy for longer, somewhat ironically, than vibrant colours will. Otherwise, select a colour that will appeal to you when you approach the home from the curb.

Look around your neighbourhood, see what colours others have painted their homes with, and consider painting sample swaths on your walls to see what the colours will look like in different lighting conditions. Ultimately, though, the choice is yours, so feel free to let your creative spirit out.

Co-operative Play Now Supported

If you want to be able utilise the best method of painting external walls in the modern walls, you're going to need to call a friend. The leading method requires one person to use a sprayer to apply the paint to the walls, creating an even coat, while the second will use a roller to then spread the paint out evenly. With this technique, you'll be able to ensure your home receives a superb coat of paint, every time.

If you'd really like to ensure your home looks great, though, you might want to consider contacting the best painting company in Sydney, Premier Painting, instead of doing it yourself. Our team has been providing residential painting for years, and we're confident that we'll be able to help make sure your home looks the best it can.

If you’d like to hear more about our painting services and how we can help you, call us on 1300 916 291.
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