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Things To Avoid When Choosing The Colour Of Your Painting Job


There are always mixed feelings when it comes to choosing a painting colour. It can be fun because you get to be creative, your choices are endless and you get to have it as a reflection of yourself. But with this, comes the stress of having to hire a painting company and the pressure of choosing the right one. No-one wants to regret the colour that they have chosen because then you’ll want to change the colour again which is time-consuming and expensive.

To help you kick-start this, here are a few things you should avoid when you're choosing the colour of your painting job:

It’s Just Not It

Sometimes, you look at something and just think to yourself “this is not it” and that’s perfectly fine, it just means that you're not feeling the colour or that the colour does not match with the vibes and atmosphere of that place. This is a good sign because it’s a clear indication that you shouldn’t use this colour.

Sometimes, Less Is Better

Don’t go over the top and pick all the colours of the rainbow because it will start to look crowded and messy and you don’t want that. Generally, the range between 3-4 colours is enough, if you choose to do more you might be going overboard.

Not Choosing Colours That Complement Each Other

In a room with painted walls, you want the room to feel unified and coherent. For that to happen, the colours need to complement each other so that it bounces off one another. If you choose clashing colours, it will look very distant and incomplete. It can be hard to tell whether the colours complement each other or not so if you’re having trouble, ask around for other opinions or seek professional advice.

Picking Bold Colours

Having bold-coloured wall is fine unless it becomes the primary colour because then it would look uneasy on the eyes. A splash of boldness will make the room pop and sometimes can balance out the other colours.

Remember About The Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is often one of or the last thing people will consider. But it’s important you think about how natural lighting can affect your colours. If there's usually a lot of sunlight that directly hits your room, you want to choose colours that won’t allow it to wash out. If there’s very limited sunlight, you don’t want a dull colour because the room just constantly is dark.

Matching The Colours With Your Furniture

Some may think that matching the colours with your furniture is good because it will complement each other but avoid doing this as it washes everything out. In a room, you want furniture and the colour of the walls to be differentiated and if it’s the same colour, it’ll look too alike.

Leave It to The Professionals

If you are seeking a professional painting company in Sydney or a contractor in Sydney, choose Premier Painting. If you'd like to hear more about our painting services in Sydney and how we can help you, call us on 1300 91 62 91 or visit our website here.

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