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How to Brighten Up Your Accent Walls for Summer


Summer home makeover is all about fresh strokes of colours, bringing a piece of nature within. While the entire makeover can wrack up a lot of time and planning, adorning feature walls can do a stunning job in summer transformation.

Are you planning to incorporate a more summer-inspired fresh look in your interior house for the upcoming holidays without spending too much time or money?

In this article, we listed out some of the trendiest ways you can add more characters within your accent walls to jazz up your entire space this summer.

Accumulate One Statement Piece

Let's face it. There are just too many accent wall decor ideas, and wrong elements or decor choices may only lead to a mini interior malfunction. Instead of brightening the whole space, the wall may end up looking crummy and chaotic. The safest way to spruce up your accent walls for holidays is to add one statement piece to your wall. Large statement pieces always have bigger impacts on the entire decor than smaller decorative items.

So, your large item can be eccentric artwork, a photographic collection, sculptural scenes, decorative mirrors or even your TV- whatever you want to address the most. Once you are done choosing your statement item, place it on your accent wall and add any contrast features that highlight the object even more. For example, wall paints, wallpapers or wall-mounted items, every other element should complement the centrepieces, not drive attention from it.

Create a Colourful Backdrop

Summer has to be the perfect season to add a pop of bright colours to your walls to give your house a seasonal update. But, of course, not just any summer colour palette would complement your space now, would it? The best way to choose the right colour palettes is to understand the natural lighting in your room.

Do you have a spacious room with plenty of natural lights? If the answer is yes, you can go a little bold and edgy with your colour tones to add contrast to your room, focusing on the primary colours- red, yellow and blue.

For a smaller space with less natural light getting in, the less contrast you add with your colour schemes, the better. Fresh coats of summer-themed neutral pastel tones with cool undertones as a perfect backdrop for your accent walls.

Add New Houseplants

Accent walls with various houseplants is a fabulous sight for a summer-themed home makeover to make you feel more connected to tropical nature. There are plenty of ways to add greenery to your walls that function as a natural air purifier. You can either choose trailing house plants with big leaves or decorative stripes. You can either add decorative wall mounted shelves to add the plants or use planters hung at different heights facing the window. If you do not have time to take care of plants, you can always go for dried or faux plants and flowers on your accent wall.

Don't Rule Out Wallpapers

For some of us, wall texture could be just as important as the colours- especially if your house lacks architectural features. This is when wallpaper can be a gorgeous alternative for accent walls, ranging from many different textures, shades and dimensional patterns- creating a chic summer look.

In the last few years, temporary wallpapers, also known as "renter's wallpaper", have made a massive comeback with intricate designs, tropical themes, and textures as a hassle-free way of making dramatic home transformations. You can use easily removable budget-friendly wallpapers with a peek of colours and textures, ideal for summer accent wall makeovers.

Introduce Accent Lighting

Lighting can make dramatic changes within your space anyway, and accent lighting takes the changes one step further. To brighten up your accent walls, accent lights can highlight all the unique features of your wall with diffused illumination and multiple focal points. Best of all, as simple as accent lighting, maybe, If you want your summer nights to be equally bright, cosy and welcoming like it is during daytime while accentuating all the accent wall textures and decor pieces, wall scones or accent lighting is a must-have.

Create Wooden Panels

Summer decor is all about bringing in the natural elements. And the good news is, wooden panels are totally back in trend! Unless you want your room to be a bit dark or musty, wall panelling with a natural, gilded warm-toned wood veneer can do the job perfectly, turning your home into a cute summer cottage vibe with a relaxing atmosphere. And besides, seasonal and eco-centric wooden panels can complement literally any decor themes, wall paints or even wallpapers if done correctly.

Go for Professional Recommendation

Just like any other decor project, accent wall refurbishing requires planning and a good sense of colour coalescence, especially for theme-based redecoration. In case you have trouble picking out suitable colour palettes or installing wallpapers, Dulux accredited residential painters can help with professional consultations and complete the whole project flawlessly within the customer's required deadline.

Popular Summer Trends for Interior Paint Colour

The idea of accent walls is getting increasingly popular these days, and so is the newer range of playful colour palettes for walls. To create a picture-perfect summer backdrop for your accent walls, you can check out these chic and trendy colour palettes as you plan and gather up more ideas.

Blue - Timeless, Always IN

As a primary colour, blue has always been an impeccable interior paint colour, which continues to be interior designers and homeowners' first choice, and the same goes for feature colours for your summer-themed accent walls. Depending on the depth of different shades of blue, the result can be stunningly bold and royal or calmingly evocative with softer, summer-fresh hues.

Key colours: Turquoise, Teal, Tiffany Blue, Azure, Denim Blue, Midnight Blue, Indigo

Neutral Earthy Tones - Luxury Meets Serenity

Moody, vibrant mineral shades of greens, reds and blues with warm undertones, also known as earth tones, have been a massive hit in 2021. More and more people are being drawn into these neat shades of colours for their cathartic nature with tropical freshness, going with literally any decor format or furniture set.

Key colours: Burnt Orange, Warm Beige, Sage, Ivory, Oak, Moss, Stone-Grey

Pops of Pastel - Dessert Inspired Warmth

Pastel colours are neutralised shades of all the bright colours mixed with white, making each tone softer and allowing natural light to reflect throughout the space. As people are more and more going for minimal interior settings for their homes with wall colours that accentuate all the unique details of the area, pastel shades are becoming more and more popular for their airy, soothing effect with versatile appeal.

Key colours: Dusty rose, Peach, Coral, Mint, Lilac, Corn Silk, Thistle, Plum.

Summer is right around the corner. This has to be the best time to start tweaking the furniture and preparing for a tropical splash all over your interior decor. As a local painting company in Sydney, we are all set to be a part of your exciting summerhouse makeover journey.

For expert house decor suggestions, consultation or painting services, request a free quote today or give us a call at 1300 916 291.
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