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Common Exterior Painting Problems

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Your exterior is the first thing people will see and they always say that first impressions are always important, and it’s true. For houses and buildings, the same logic applies, and the first thing people see when they look at your house or your building is the painting.

This may be the colour paint you have chosen or the quality of your paint but overall, the way your exterior painting is presented becomes a reflection of you. But of course, paint does not last forever, and usually, when it has been there for a long time, there will be problems with it that if you do not fix in time, further issues may arise.

Here are a few common exterior painting problems that you may face:

Getting Bubble-Like Texture

When you see a bubble-like texture, this damage is called blistering which happens usually when there is too much sunlight directly hitting the paint. If you notice your paint blistering, you’d need to remove the blisters and sand them down to allow yourself to repaint it, and this time, allow the paint to dry before the sun directly gets into contact with it.


If you notice that your paint is cracking, this might mean that your first coat of paint was not dried enough for you to apply the second coat. Like when the paint bubbles up, you’ll also need to remove the cracks and the paint and do it again. Another reason why this might happen is if you are using two different types of paints that don’t work well with each other. Before you buy the paints, make sure you talk to a professional about it to give you a green light.

Dripping Paint

The likely cause of dripping paint is if you have applied too many coats of paint on the wall. When you apply too many coats, this makes the paint heavy, and rather than allowing the paint to absorb the wall, the coat of paint is dripping and runny which takes even longer for it to dry.

The Growth Of Fungus

If the paint is exposed to moisture or there's little to no sunlight hitting the paint, this can cause fungus to grow. To repair this, you’ll need to remove it using specific cleaning solutions then repaint it with a fresh coat of paint.


If you are painting the exterior, make sure that you are investing in it rather than buying the paint that is the cheapest because low-quality paint can cause the paint to peel which is not what you want.

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Painting is no easy job and sometimes, you just don’t have the time for it. Well, we have a solution for you: hire a professional painting company. This will save you time while being able to come home to a house you can call come. If you are seeking a professional painting and decorating company in Sydney, Premier Painting can help you.

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