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21 Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Home renovation is possibly one of the most stressful projects for a homeowner. Even though homeowners think they can handle this, it's not easy to avoid the common mistakes. Home renovation is a process, far more complicated and problematic than what's shown on reality TV shows.

In this article, we've listed the most common home renovation mistakes homeowners make when they embark on their house interior remodelling journey. We also talked about ways to avoid those mistakes. If you're planning to remodel your residence, this checklist might come handy.

So, let's get into the mistakes and their solutions.

Mistake- 1: Going For DIY

Home renovation is not just expensive; it's also very technical. Even when you have a set of renovation and re-designing plans, it's not always possible to do it by yourself unless you have relevant skills, specialised knowledge, and years of experience. Most often than not, the reason for choosing DIY renovation options is not only the expense but also the fear of improper execution.

In other words, you may fear that the professional contractors will not correctly follow your home renovation plans. But unless you have the professional-level experience, hiring professional house renovators or residential contractors is always a better option.

Mistake-2: Overlooking Structural Improvements

There's little benefit of home renovation if you have pre-existing structural problems. Ignoring the electric or plumbing issues and structural defects before the renovation starts, ends up costing additional money afterwards. It's crucial to inspect the current structural issues and fix them by professionals before starting the renovation.

Mistake-3: Choosing Wrong Paint Materials

When it comes to interior home renovation, most people like to experiment with different paint colours, gloss, and textures which broadens the chance of accidentally choosing the wrong or harmful materials for the walls. For instance, flat paints are commonly textured without any shin, whereas gloss or semi-gloss paints have excellent shin and better options for high-traffic rooms.

Before choosing unfamiliar colours, make sure you do your research on what types of colours are suitable for different kinds of surfaces and consult with a professional painting service to help you choose correctly.

Mistake-4: Ignoring Small Details

A proper home renovation is all about taking care of small details that make significant changes. From window locks to hardware furniture finishes, the renovation job has to be uniform and all-inclusive. If you don't plan on fixing the minor stain on the floor or scratch on the wall, then your house refurbishment will remain incomplete.

Mistake-5: Not Having a Clear Vision

Renovations become quite problematic if you don't have a clear vision or plan of action beforehand. If you don't plan out all the restoration schemes, research on the contractors or renovation services, make a list of right materials and equipment, etc. you will face difficulty in the budget estimation, setting deadlines, and choosing materials for the renovation project.

Mistake-6: Neglecting the Teamwork

A professional, dedicated team of designers, contractors, and decorators work co-dependently behind every home renovation project. The mutual understanding and cooperation between separate groups of professionals are very crucial in projects like these. If you don't recognise this earlier and the teams don't work cohesively - the overall project outcome won't be as desirable as you pictured it to be.

Mistake-7: Not Being Realistic About Your Timeline

Your house renovation process may take longer than expected. Unless you prepare for the delay and make accommodation accordingly - it might cause you unnecessary stress and anxiety. For instance, old interior fixtures removal may take only a few hours, but replacing it with new ones may take as long as a couple of weeks. Make sure you prepare your schedule and timeline for renovation accordingly.

Mistake-8: Not Documenting Everything

One of the common mistakes homeowners make while renovating their houses is not documenting interior upgrade progress on a daily basis. No matter your estimated budget, it's crucial to keep everything recorded, including the amount or number of materials, number of workers, expenses per day, and renovation progress per day. If you don't keep track of these things, there'll be high chances of theft and over-expenditure.

Mistake-9: Being Fixated to One Specific Theme

Sometimes homeowners drive themselves crazy trying to bring out one specific theme they probably found on Pinterest or lifestyle magazines and have unrealistic expectations, regardless of their interior conditions. Before fixating one particular design or theme, consider taking advice from a residential contractor or consultant to understand your current interior states and make the design and refurbishment plans accordingly.

Mistake-10: Mismeasuring

Even the smallest measurement error of countertops, cabinets etc. can derail the whole renovation process, especially when you want to make many custom-built items. Missing a single mark can cause a delay of days or even weeks! So, ask the assigned professional contractors to measure everything more than once and keep the measurements well-documented.

Mistake-11: Not Anticipating Potential Impediments

Unfortunately, even though it's essential to have a clear plan and vision, renovation projects rarely go according to plans. On top of that, renovations come with potential setbacks in the middle of the process, which no one sees coming.

These accidental roadblocks also impact the estimated budgets and overall timeframe of the project. It's essential to keep these issues in mind and be prepared for unexpected costs and spare materials just in case.

Mistake-12: Not Checking Multiple Services

Don't choose your painting or renovation service provider based solely on referrals or a friend's recommendation. Check all the available services in your area by yourself. Online reviews and testimonials are important indicators, but those are not enough for making the right choice.

It will help if you have a fool-proof checklist of things to look for in a service provider - including insurance policies, accreditations, certifications and licenses, lien history, project portfolio etc. Compare all the possible options before making your choice.

Mistake-13: Not Planning for Thermal Improvement

Improving your home's thermal performance while renovating is something you should never miss. Make sure you install heavy drapes, adjustable shading devices, and improve air seals wherever needed.

Mistake-14: Purchasing Decoratives Too Early

People often purchase decorative tools, fixtures, or appliances way before the home remodelling process starts. This is a mistake. Early purchased items often turn out to be of the wrong size or type for the renovation. It's safe not to buy any decorative pieces or fixtures before consulting with the contractor.

Mistake- 15: Choosing the Lowest Estimate

You have the freedom to choose a budget-friendly home renovation plan. However, it becomes a problem if you only focus on the services which have the lowest fees. Many renovation services may offer attractive discounts and incentives but lack quality.

A reliable and Dulux accredited residential renovator may cost a little more but comes with high-quality service and many post-service benefits.

Mistake-16: Trying To Decorate From The Scratch

The purpose of house renovation is to refine what your house already has and not build everything from scratch. Decorating from scratch costs a considerable sum of money and workforce and turns the project into a never-ending mess. A professional contractor may dramatically transform your old house interior with a few tricks and techniques without making significant structural changes.

Mistake-17: Hiring Multiple People to Manage Home Renovation

The home renovation is already a hectic project involving many expensive materials, appliances, fixtures, and people. It should be centrally managed and supervised by one person who will take full accountability of his/her duties.

In many cases, the house owners give too many people this responsibility, which brings nothing but chaos, lack of accountability, and waste of precious time. Home renovation projects essentially need to be managed by only one person or a group of a few people, as a team.

Mistake-18: Not Sticking to Quote and Change Order

After a home renovation project, many homeowners wonder where the extra money went and how they went 0ver-budget. Not sticking to quotes and changing order is one of the primary reasons behind it. From the beginning of the process, make sure you're following the quote strictly.

Mistake-19: Not Maintaining Proper Communication with Contractors

In extensive and detail-oriented projects like home renovations, transparent and timely communication with the contractor team are critical for satisfactory outcomes. If you let the professionals do their job in their ways without maintaining communications from time to time, you may not be very pleased with the final result.

Mistake-20: Limiting Interior Space

Homeowners often forget to prioritise the floor space. Trying to squeeze in extra cabinets, shelves etc. makes the interior congested. It's suggested to opt for wall cabinets, and similar options to free up the floor space.

Mistake-21: Not Taking Safety Precautions

Homeowners frequently make this mistake because they expect professional contractors to be fully equipped with safety measures. However, it's equally the homeowners' responsibility to keep adequate safety precautions like proper ventilation, readily available first aid kits, masks, gloves, safety goggles etc.

Renovations with careful planning, design and execution can improve your home in significant ways. But in big projects like this, mistakes are bound to happen. The best way to avoid home renovation mistakes is to seek help from a trusted renovation service.

If you happen to reside in Sydney or surrounding areas, Premier Painting Company with Dulux accredited residential painters, and highly-skilled contractors can be the most reliable service for your home renovation projects.
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