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You’d Almost Think It Was Designed To Be Confusing – Different Types Of Paint And You


If you have absolutely no experience with painting your home, walking into the paint aisle of a hardware store can feel like you've been transported to a bizarre world in which everyone is speaking a language that is almost English, but none of the words actually make sense and the confusion has already given you a raging headache and you've only been here for five minutes and seriously, how hard can it be to find yellow paint?

If you can relate to that struggle, then the good news is our fantastic team here at Premier Painting can help.

The Primer That Comes Before All Things

This is more of an honorary mention than an actual variety of paint, but if you're not familiar with painting your home, the odds are good that you're not already aware of the role primer will play in that process. In the majority of cases, before you can go throwing paint all along your drywall and wooden trims, you're going to need to apply a fairly liberal coat of primer to the surface first.

Paint won't bond evenly to every surface, and it can be hard to impossible to know how well the paint will bond before you apply your first coat, at which point it is typically too late to change your mind without making the project much harder than it needs to be. Instead, it's usually far simpler to put up a layer of primer, which will provide a surface that paint will be able to bond to properly, simplifying the entire process.

Oil vs Water

Some paints are made of oil, and others are made from water. Logically, these become oil-based paints and water-based paints, respectively. Each has different applications, and you should understand the differences before you choose which one to use on your home. A water-based paint will typically create a thinner, more matte coat that will dry much faster, while, inversely, oil-based paints are shinier, more durable, but will take longer to dry.

Paints can also come with labels suggesting they be used for either the interior or exterior of your home, but in most cases, that is simply another way of stating whether they are oil-based or water-based: the former will recommend that they be used outside, while the latter is better for interior work.

There's A Lot More Choice Than Most People Would Assume

If you're feeling overwhelmed, you wouldn't be the first person. There are a wide variety of paint types, sheens, and colours to choose from, and each will have a varying effect on your home. Fortunately, with our painting company, that isn't a struggle you will need to live through, with our team making the entire process simple for you.

If you’d like to hear more about our painting services in Sydney and how we can help you, call us on 1300 91 62 91.
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