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How to Give Your Home a Holiday Makeover

The holiday season is the time to give your house a new look. Before you go back to your routine life and fall into the usual sluggishness of life, you should spice up your home with a holiday makeover.

Turn your house into a gleeful solace. Summer is the perfect season for renovating the interior and exterior of your living space. However, house painting in summer can also be a bit challenging, because of the increases in temperature and humidity.

Here are some nifty holiday home makeover ideas to get you started!

Exterior Painting Makeover

In summer, your house exterior gets exposed to heatwaves, moisture, and humidity fluctuations. Therefore, an exterior makeover will be a bit more challenging than your interior décor. So here are some useful points to keep in mind -

Pick the right time for the summer brush-up

Twenty-two degrees is the perfect outdoor climate for painting but is not very common in summer. If the temperature exceeds more than 35 degrees, it will result in a patchy finish. The best time to paint is when the temperature is cooler- that could be early morning or late afternoon.

Prepare your exterior surface

Preparing your surface is very important before applying layers of paint. Unless you remove the extra dirt particles from the exterior base, the paint coats won’t be able to adhere properly onto the solid surface. So make sure your surface is well-prepared beforehand. If your house is a bit older, consider priming the exterior.

Choose a suitable painting service

When you’re trying to give your house a makeover, it’s essential to find the right painting service with experienced house painters that can handle your requirements. When the basic preparations are done, it’s time to look for a painting company. If you live in Sydney, or the nearby suburb areas, contact Premier Painting for your summer house makeover. This Dulux accredited painting service has been offering the most professional residential painters in Sydney for decades.

Select a proper colour palette

You may have thousands of colour options to paint your exterior. But before you go for exotic colour palettes, do a little study of your neighbourhood along with the architectural attributes of your house. Do you want to choose an exterior colour that makes your home look out-of-place? If it’s too complicated for you to select a new colour palette, look into a professional painting consultancy service.

Interior Painting Makeover

In contrast to exterior painting, summer or spring holidays are preferably suitable for interior painting. Here are some useful tips for an interior painting makeover.

Prepare the surface

Interior surface preparation is far easier than exterior surface preparation. With ordinary tools like a paint scraper and mineral spirits you can clean off excess dust and fumes without much difficulty.

Before preparing the surface, you must decide whether you want to give a slick plaster to your interior walls or want to go for nonporous drywalls to make the best topcoat choice.

Prime the interior

There are no alternatives to priming when it comes to giving your interior the finest look possible. A post-primed surface gives only a final coat coverage. If you want to repaint your walls, spot-priming is essential to cover up the old bumps, blisters and stains. Along with all-purpose primers, shade-primer is useful for giving tints to the colour coatings on the top.

Keep the weather conditions in mind

Temperature has less impact on interior paintings. Whether it’s summer vacation or spring break, illustrating your interior decor is always more convenient than an exterior makeover. Warm and dry weather helps you to expedite your interiors by offering thinner coating requirements.

Follow the right painting sequence

It’s essential to maintain a sequence while applying the paints. The most convenient way is to start from the ceiling. Make sure the ceilings have sufficient light sources. To avoid dripping on the newly painted walls, you have to dry up the ceiling paint before starting with the walls.

The procedures of trimming and caulking come right after, and should be strictly maintained. It’s worth keeping in mind that if you hire a professional painting company for the interior makeover, you don’t need to worry about any of these.

Making use of a professional painting service is always the right choice for a perfect finish. For a delightful house makeover this holiday season, consult Premier Painting Company. Their domestic painters in Sydney will help you embellishing your house inside out like never before!

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