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Painting Projects That Will Give Your Home A Facelift

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When we talk about renovating our house, we solely think about the house exterior refurbishment that can increase your property value and curb appeal. But we say the exterior and interior of your house complement each other. So, whether you're going for a quick home facelift or a full remodel, you have to find common ground between both exterior and interior.

If you have been planning for the next renovation to your home and transform it into something new within your budget, here are a few painting and decoration projects you can give your home the ultimate makeover it deserves. You will be amazed by how small decorative changes and a few tweaks can achieve and change the whole appearance of your home.

Interior Project

Mudroom or Foyer Painting

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Whether your house has a mudroom or foyer, the entrance space plays a huge role in setting up the first and the most lasting impression of your home. So, for a quick interior space, facelift, repainting and redecorating, your foyer has to be at the top of your list. Before you start the painting, you need to determine what purpose the space will serve other than welcoming your guests. For example, if you have adequate foyer space with a coat closet or a shoe rack, you can try a colour scheme contrasting with the main entrance door. This will highlight the entryway and increase the creative flow of your interior decor throughout the house.

Accent Walls

Accent walls happen to be one of the most refreshing interior wall restyling tactics and decorative touches you can add to your home interior space with the least amount of time and money possible. Accent walls are becoming more popular because of the flexibility and efficiency to transform the look of any interior space, whether the living room or the bedroom. All you have to do is find the centrepiece of your house and choose your favourite bold-contrast or multi-hued colour palettes that complement the space. You can experiment with different textures, patterns and painting techniques as well. You can go creative with adding wallpapers as well.

New Lighting Fixtures Installation Project

Photo by Brian Babb on Unsplash

Proper shades and placements of lighting fixtures are essential parts of any design scheme of a house improvement plan. Lighting not only dramatically changes the whole atmosphere of your house but also affects the overall perceived size of your space.

Typically, there are three types of lighting used for any interior:

  • General or functional lighting illuminates the bulk of the space.
  • Task lighting is used for specific, close-range tasks.
  • Accent lighting is used for decorative purposes to create different moods and atmospheres of the space.

With the help of experts, you can feature new accent lighting strategically placed throughout the house.

Floor Renovation

If you have old, stained, worn-out floors, remodelling your interior surface can deeply contribute to the aesthetic aspect of your space. Unless you have a heavily damaged hardwood floor, power washing the floor and simple recoating with an added protective layer, gloss, or texture can be quite economical, not to mention efficient home improvement projects carried out by professional flooring contractors. The only drawback of this home improvement project is that refurbishing the floor can be a lengthy process that takes a couple of days. So, keep that in mind and prepare your schedule accordingly.

Wooden Panel Repainting Project

Photo by Bradley Pisney on Unsplash

Wooden panels add a retro charm and architectural character to the house. While working on the interior decor, give your boards a fresh new coat of colours. Incorporate cool-toned wood panel coats with warm accents if you want to make your interior feel warm and cozy. Or, if you wish the decorative, geometrically unique wood panels to stand out, experiment with bold, textured paints and bright lacquer.

Fresh Coats of Paints Throughout

If painting some selective areas of your home just does not cut it and you want a full-blown splash of colours with thematic decor or chaotic energy- you can always go back to the old-school way, repainting your entire house interior! No amount of furniture or decoration pieces can transform your house as colourful paints do. However, when it comes to painting your whole interior space, a bit of time, room-by-room planning, professional consultation and execution is required. It may seem like a simple and fun DIY project, but it really is not! For a complete makeover of your space, consult with professional residential painters, who can help you select the right colour schemes and add decorative blends, textures, and layers of colours effortlessly.

Exterior Projects:

Outdoor Landscaping

Photo by Benjamin Cheng on Unsplash

Regardless of the size of your house, the front yard and the visible part of your backyard play a vital role in elevating house curb appeal and increasing house resale value. Your houseyard is an extension of your personality and ingenuity that makes your lifestyle different from others. Tidy, modestly planted and well-maintained landscaping with inexpensive weed barrier, edging, and strategically placing shrubs-trees. etc. is not just about making visual improvements, after all. Professional landscaping can help you control and protect lawn drainage and storm runoff. It will also encourage you to create a little relaxing spot where you connect yourself with nature.

Old Garage and Driveway Refurbishment

Another great way to give your house exterior a facelift is power washing, cleaning, sealing and refurbishing your old garage, deck, driveway and patio. With professional residential painters, you can get rid of directs, stains, moulds, and grime and prepare the areas for redecoration. You can add porcelain tiles or decorative deck tiles. The garage door of your house is a big part of your house curb. So, applying fresh coats of new paint to your garage is the most cost-effective way of making a noticeable difference. This time around, you can go for a darker tone for your garage door with decorative hardware like handles or faux hinges to make it stand out.

Exterior Baseboards & Trim Repaint

Photo by Gustavo Zambelli on Unsplash

Exterior trims and baseboards are victims of constant exposure to harsh weather and temperature, resulting in early fading, scraping, blistering or losing lustre. If you want to avoid giving your house exterior a complete makeover, focus on the baseboards and trims with brand-new strokes of colour once you're done cleaning, vacuuming and dusting them down. Vibrant, accentuated paint colours can do wonders for your overall house by highlighting all the architectural details with a polished, uniform look in a more cost-effective way.

Front Door Makeover

There is no unique way of changing the whole facade of your house other than giving your main entrance door a striking makeover at a very small cost. New hardware and fresh coats of paint can make a great deal of difference. Just as surprising as it sounds, many studies have found that an updated front door is one of the vital contributions of property valuation. You can either repaint your door or install a new front entry door with decorative panelling and detailed structural trimming.

Final words

Giving your home a makeover is a long-term investment worth making. Whereas full house remodelling can cost you a great deal of time and money, small facelifting projects can effortlessly do the trick within the minimum costs with plenty of room for your creativity and your personal touch. For any Sydney-based painting and renovation projects, you can hire a professional painting company in Sydney, Premier Painting Company, for excellent artistry and superior outcomes.

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