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How to Prepare Surfaces Before Painting Your Commercial Building?

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The exterior look of any building is the first thing anyone notices before entering the building. It is the first impression of your commercial building or office. Therefore, any shabby work on its painting project should not be tolerated.

Commercial buildings are not just a space to work but also a trademark of your company. It reveals how reputed the company or the companies in that building are.

Before you find a professional painting company, it is a good idea to know the basics. You should know a thing or two about preparing a commercial building well so the paint sits flawlessly.

The surface of the external walls must be thoroughly prepared to smoothen it out. Sanding, pressure washing, and caulking are a few of the most critical tasks. A good painting contractor ensures that the surfaces are smooth and that there is no dirt, grime or algae on the surface. The contractor must also check for any area of the wall that is coming loose or damaged.

Let's discuss the steps to prepare the surfaces of your commercial building before painting.

1. Surface Inspection

The external wall of any commercial building may have different types of texture issues. The old painting may have chipped, and in other areas, there could be discolouration due to exposure to the sun. There may have been nail holes, inner concrete exposed in some areas, and cracks and bits of concrete coming off in others. All of this requires a different course of action. Therefore, a thorough inspection is of primary importance to start preparing the surface of any building for painting.

2. Surface Cleaning

The next crucial step is cleaning the surface. This could mean dusting, sanding and then pressure washing to clean the exterior of any dirt or particular matter that can ruin the base for any painting job, be it inside or outside the building. The best painting contractor would get the job done precisely, ensuring that no tiny corner is left that hasn't been sanded and then pressure washed.

3. Surface Caulking

After taking notes on the condition of the walls, it's time to fill the gaps, holes, and cracks. Usually, putty is used to fill these tiny inconsistencies in the wall texture to smoothen it out.

4. Surface Repair

Certain damages can be a lot more than a nail hole and would follow a different course of action. In cases when a massive part of the wall is damaged or the structural integrity of some part of the wall is questionable, a contractor must repair it well so that the wall becomes stronger and its longevity is enhanced.

5. Surface Priming

After ensuring that the wall is adequately buffed, pressure washed, repaired and caulked throughout the surface; the next step is to prime the surface. Sometimes, priming can be skipped. Usually, this is done when the wall surface is not majorly damaged before the inspection. However, an excellent and reliable painting contractor would take this step to give optimum results.

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