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Should I Paint My House White?

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We can imagine how much weight you’re carrying on your shoulders when it comes to deciding what colours to pick to paint your house. Painting your house is a permanent thing and while you can repaint if you are not satisfied with it, it can be costly so you want to make sure that when choosing a paint colour, you are making the right choice. Nowadays, most people will opt for the colour white for several reasons, here are some of them:

It Actually Might Help You Sleep Better

Have you ever wondered why you can sleep like a baby at a hotel? By having white as the dominant colour of your bedroom, you are able to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere which, much like meditating, will help you sleep better.

It Makes Your House Space Look Bigger

Here’s a trick for you if you want to make your house look bigger: paint it white. White is very popular with homes for this very reason - it’s able to give off the illusion that your house is bigger than it is.

It Makes You Feel Good And Warm Inside

White dresses for weddings and white doves for peace, there are a lot of good associations with the colour white and one of them is that it makes you feel good and warm inside. Perhaps it’s because of how neutral the colour is that makes it so relaxing to look at.

Works Well With Colour Schemes

You can mix green, red, yellow, green, any of the colours of the rainbow with white and it’d work well together. White is universally an easy colour to match things with. So if you’re indecisive with what kind of colour scheme or theme you want in your house, white is the way to go.

There’s A Lot Of White To Choose From

When we talk about the colour white, we don’t mean the colour of a piece of blank paper; there are so many shades of white that would make your home look good.

Complements Everything

By painting your home white, your choices of decorations will be endless! White does match with anything so if you put an artwork on the wall on top of the white wall, it’d still look cohesive and complementary to each other.

No Such Thing As Outdated

Some colours can look and feel outdated over time but that’s not the case with white. White is a timeless colour - one of the common reasons why homeowners would go for white. You’d find that a lot of houses on the market are white too because it does appear to look more modern and you really can’t go wrong with white because nobody hates white.

Seeking Professional Help From The Leading Painting Service Since 1997

Painting is no easy job and sometimes, you just don’t have the time for it. Well, we have a solution for you: hire a professional painting company. This will save you time while being able to come home to a house you can call come. If you are seeking a professional painting and decorating company in Sydney, Premier Painting can help you.

To hear more about our painting services in Sydney and how we can help you, call us on 1300 91 62 91 or visit our website here for more information.
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