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Strata Painting – A Complete Know-How

When comparing a strata painting project to a commercial one, you’d find that the requirements differ on many levels. For strata, the sheer size of the project can become an intimidating task, not to mention the amount of planning involved. Factoring in the necessary experience, equipment and workforce needed to complete strata job it becomes clear that it’s no ordinary task. Compared to residential and even commercial jobs, there are several requirements that make a good strata painting company.


While your skills as a painter certainly matter, when organising a strata project, it’s your planning and good communication skills that are first put to the test. Not only are you required to work efficiently alongside others, but be able to communicate with a range of different stakeholders. This involved include owners, residential tenants, commercial businesses and the owners’ corporation.

Failing to mediate and meet everyone’s requirements will not only lead to extra work to compensate but bad reviews for the strata painting company. The more people involved, the harder it becomes to sort through questions and requests, that’s why experienced painters will conduct a detailed survey to gain an understanding of everyone’s expectations before entering negotiations, to keep everyone happy.

Necessary workforce and resource

A strata project expands across multiply units and buildings and requires extra painters to cover the site. Not having a big enough team can result in the project falling behind schedule or workers pulling double time and compromising bot their safety and the quality of work.

However, it’s not only about having enough hands as if a strata painting team lacks the necessary resources the final product will be lacking. Being able to cover the sheer size and scale of the buildings involved in a strata job is a huge factor to consider before signing your team up for the task as lacking in both will often result in a poor finish.

Proper knowledge of both interior and exterior painting

Strata painters and their services are always high in demand for both internal and external jobs. Strata is often considered as an entire makeover rather than just a simple retouch of paint. That’s why any painters you hire must be knowledgeable in both exterior and interior painting.

For interiors, painters need to be able to consult with owners and consider the existing furniture and floors in the process. Not only does the section have to match the colour to the ceiling and floor but match all the textures and decor of the room.

While when it comes to painting the exterior, not only is the task more challenging, but paint selection must complement the surrounding buildings and complexes. Also, as exterior paint is susceptible to weather, dirt and other elements, proper care needs to be taken when selecting and applying the paint. This is why it requires qualified and experienced painters to get the job done.

Now that we’ve discussed what makes a good strata painting company let’s explore what you should keep in mind as an owner.

1. Do Your Research

Whether it’s a cooperation or residential development, there’s a lot to think about before starting in strata painting. While the average quick to finish residential project can use professionals to consult for colour or technique when it comes to strata projects, you should already have some ideas in mind. You can draw ideas from other properties on the block if you’re looking to stand out or blend in, and research other strata professionals to find out what appeals to you.

Strata painting projects are a huge undertaking and require you to be extremely organised to stay on schedule. Take photos and write everything so that when you begin working with your painters, you have somewhere to jump off from.

2. Schedule Time Wisely

As mentioned above, timing and scheduling are vital in the case of these large strata projects, with painting being only one of the elements you need to consider before getting underway. Not only will you need permission from all corporation owners, but you’ll have to put together a tight timeline to keep residents happy.

When getting initial quotes, to make sure that the painting company understands all your requirements so they can give you a complete timeline, leaving room for you to notify residents and manage stakeholders and owners.

3. Quality is the Most Important Thing

Undertaking a large scale project such as strata painting can become quite costly. While you may be inclined to look for companies who are on the cheaper side, it’s a common know fact in the painting industry, that you get what you pay for. When it comes to strata jobs, you are looking for longevity and quality as the exterior of your property is something that doesn’t go unnoticed by potential residents or employees.

First impressions matter. When comparing quotes, you’ll be able to see the quality of a painting provider based on the detail of their quote and what’s included in their service. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask to see previous strata work as no painter is the same, and you’ll want to get a feel for their technique as well as the quality of their work.

Throughout Sydney, strata painters are easy to find, but when it comes to your property, it’s about finding a company that can deliver the best quality and customer service. If you’re after more information about strata services or a free quote feel free to give the team at Premier Painting a call today.

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