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Handy Tips When It Comes to Strata Painting

Strata and residential painting projects can be very different, with the former being quite a bit more challenging mainly due the the size of such a project. In fact, there are some painters that simply don’t have the experience, equipment and team members available to tackle strata work, instead focusing on residential and domestic jobs. This speaks to how different the requirements can be both on the part of the painting company and he or she contracting the painting company. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the things you need to keep in mind if you’re having strata painting work done.

Do Your Research

Whether your project is a large department building or residential development, there’s a lot for you to think about before going ahead. Residential jobs are small and quite quick, there are simply less decisions that need to be made and often the painter can provide some tips in regards to colour and palette.

When it comes to a strata project however, it’s ideal that you have a few ideas in mind. You need to be a little more organised if things are going to be completed on schedule. So do research on other similar strata painting projects and find out what appeals to you. Take photos or even write done the ideas you have so that when you’re working with the painter you have somewhere to start.

Schedule Time to Get Quotes

As mentioned, timing and scheduling is very important in the case of large strata projects, and the painting aspect is just one of the many pieces you need to fit into everything else. Remember that getting quotes and finding the right painting company does take time, and these kinds of decisions often take long than you expect. Quotes tend to be larger and the requirement needs to be properly understood by the painter, so naturally it tends to take more time.

Realise That Quality Is the Most Important Thing

There are many Sydney strata painters that are on the cheap side, but more often than not in the painting industry you get what you pay for.  Particularly for a strata job, where you are looking for longevity rather than a quick job that may not last, it’s important to find a quality provider. When looking at the quotes you’ve collected, make sure you’re comparing apples with apples. Often you’ll be able to tell the quality of a painting provider based on the detail of their quote and what’s included in the service. Don’t be afraid to ask tricky questions or even get them to give you testimonials. It’s an absolute given that you should see some of their previous strata work to get a good sense of what you’re getting into.

In Sydney strata painters are easy to find, but it’s about finding a company that delivers in terms of quality and customer service. If you’re after more information about strata services and what these entail, feel free to give the team at Premier Painting a call today.

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