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Strata Things to Know About Strata Painting

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Strata painting is a process of painting the exterior of a building. It can be used to create a variety of effects, ranging from subtle shading to dramatic scenes.

While strata painting involves varied steps in making your professional building appealing to the eyes, which also impacts your business, there are things that you must know about this particular painting technique before you plan to execute strata painting on any type of multi-residential living.

Benefits of Strata Painting

Know that strata painting is the most expensive and time-consuming exterior painting that transforms the outward appearance of a building. And since the exterior look of the building is as crucial as its structural stability, an incredible finish to it is ensured by well-maintained paintwork. Even if the procedure holds a number of steps, it provides several benefits to you as well.

1. Your building acquires a top to bottom treatment.

Understand that there is a huge difference between a standard commercial painting of a large property and working on a strata property. While commercial painters in Sydney are limited to certain parts of the building, strata painters are required to clean, prepare, paint, treat and maintain every inch and corner of the building. Strata painting involves treatment and preparation from the lowest to the highest part of the building, which also requires the use of professional equipment. And therefore, to implement such steps and employ equipment such as scaffold, you must consider outsourcing this job to a professional painting company in Sydney.

2. Save money and time with strata painting.

No one wants to invest in painting and to maintain large buildings each year, especially on properties with multiple storeys. Even though no paint job can last a lifetime, you will still find a proper strata painting work that looks lively for years longer than any other commercial painting job. Also, when you hire us for strata painting for any type of multi-residential living, from multi-level to modern high rises, you acquire professional strata painters who include aftercare and maintenance in the strata painting package. This way, you won’t be spending your money on repairs, repainting or touch-ups of any sort.

3. The strata painting will last longer.

Strata painting does involve aftercare and maintenance of large buildings post painting. But, the strata painting procedure also starts with deep cleaning of the building’s exterior, which involves the removal of dust, dirt and grime before the painting job begins. Post painting work requires the professional strata painters to seal the paint using waterproof filming and other coatings, which helps the exterior of the property to withstand UV rays and water damage, increasing the longevity of the strata painting.

Importance of Strata Painting

Strata painting is costly and time-consuming since it involves painting large buildings. So, one might think, why employ it? Instead, let’s settle with commercial building painting. Hence, the main concern here is - what is exactly the importance of strata painting?

Properties and large buildings are bound to get old and worn down over time. And the paint fading and peeling isn’t appealing to your building’s exterior surface. When you work with our professional strata painters in Sydney, they let you know if your property requires a paint job or the exterior painting needs a cleaning job.

Also, harsh weather conditions can corrode the exterior of your building, making the painting fade. Choosing strata painting not only makes your building aesthetically pleasing but also helps in maintaining the same for years to come. For more information about our strata painting services, contact us here.

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