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Tips to Select the Best Paint for Your Home

Residential Painting Sydney

With various colour options available, selecting the best paint for your home is not an easy job. Besides, when you look at the diverse shade options, you may get confused. Therefore, as a professional painting company in Sydney, we have come up with some practical tips so you can choose your colour selection easily!

1. Choose an Appropriate Paint for a Small Room

You must select paint colours with high reflectivity for small rooms, for instance, snow white, white, off-white or pearl white. Paints having Light Reflectance Value (LRV) can rebound and reflect natural light around the room, making an illusion of more space.

A neutral design theme can impart space and light into a small living area. Moreover, yellow is thoughtfully blended to brighten the complete look.

2. Grey

Like white, grey is a highly in-demand option for walls, and it is also available in various shades.

  • Light greys are radiant and soft, paired with a neutral or pastel palette, and are the best to infuse calmness to a room. Light greys are the best substitute for whites.
  • Dark greys provide a bold statement. They pair extremely well with bold and bright colours. They are also prominent colours for a feature wall.
  • Warm greys are suitable for a room with less lighting and add comfort and warmth to a room. They blend a neutral palette and are perfect for a south-facing room.
  • Cool greys offer character to a room by infusing it with a clean and crisp feel. They consist of blue undertones and complement well with turquoise, teal, and navy. Cool greys are best suited to contemporary and modern designs and for creating an impression of more space.

3. White

Choosing the right white can be daunting, as there are various shades of white available in the market. Pay attention to the design of your room, lighting and overall style to select the best shade of white.

  • Warm shades of white can provide an earthy and natural feel to a home consisting of yellow, cosy pink, and peach undertones.
  • Cool shades of white are amazing and used for reinvigorating super-modern looks in homes. If you want to have a minimalist look, you don’t need to look beyond grey or subtle beige undertones.

4. Lighting

The amount of natural light a room receives can help you to decide the right paint. The basic rule is that you can only spot colour shades if there is enough light. For example, if you paint your room with a dark colour, it will not reflect any light, and subsequently, you’ll end up with a darker room. You can make a dark room look bright using warmer shades of white.

Premier Painting offers the best painting services in Sydney. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for reliable residential painters in Sydney to discuss your requirements or to arrange a quote.
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